Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

YOGA AND SELF-DEVELOPMENT RETREAT Rishikesh, 17th – 30th November 2014

Submerge into the vibrancy of Rishikesh and experience yourself in one of the spiritual centre of the world. Discover your own path and find the courage to live true to yourself. With the sacred Ganga river flowing through this magnificent place, allow yourself to let go of matters which no longer serve you. 

Discover. Explore. Be.


The River Tree was a carefully thought out name. The river represents flowing, letting go, and that which simply is. The tree represents growing into ones form with a sense of grounding. Rishikesh Yoga Retreat has this flavour at its heart. The organiser is a qualified and experienced counsellor, and the yoga and meditation offered will have an obvious self-development feel to it. There will be a lot of time for self-reflection over a chai at one of the lovely cafes of Lakshman Jula or during a walk across the superb Ram Jula or Lakshman Jula Bridges.

There will be significant time allocated for one to one sessions. These sessions will be optional and you will be allocated 2-3 hours per week should you wish to take advantage. The aim of these sessions is to offer an opportunity to discuss personal issues, challenges or obstacles that you may be facing in life. We will work together to help you find tools to overcome barriers. A daily Yoga class will allow you to benefit from the movement of energy that yoga offers which will complement the retreat as a whole. This together with various meditations and self-awareness workshops we have the simple intention to help you to identify issues, patterns and blocks in your life and move forward in your chosen direction.

In order to ensure sufficient and quality time the group for this particular retreat will be smaller than other retreats. And to show our commitment to you on your journey additional support will be offered to those who feel they need it after the end of the retreat. In order to get the most from this retreat, we would like to encourage people to be as much in their own company as is possible. Should you wish to dive even deeper into yourself you may choose to participate in some other awareness raising practices such as Panch Karma or Ayurveda which we can help you to organise. However, we also want you to have lots of fun, so we have included some tempting tours for you to enjoy!

The cost has been kept intentionally low in order to encourage people from all walks of life to benefit from this unique retreat. We work hard to offer a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, and welcome people who have not tried such workshops in the past, as well as those with more experience to join us.


Sadha Tapas

This retreat is will take place in the vibrant and beautiful Rishikesh, situated in the north of India. Rishikesh is one of the spiritual centres of the world and offers a true taste of India. It attracts tourists from all over India and the world. Yogis have been practicing meditation and yoga here for hundreds of years and the feeling is in the air. Sadhhus and aspiring yogis roam the streets and spiritual talks are easy to come by. The sacred river Ganga (Ganges) that runs through Rishikesh is the heart of this magnificent place. Two beautiful suspension bridges connect the two side are very picturesque. There are regular ceremonies by the Ganga and many places to reflect on yourself whilst listening to the birds and watching the river flow by. This magical place will stays in your heart for years to come and you will be sure to return at a later point in your life.



The venue is located in a stunning valley about 10 km from Laxman Jhula. Should you wish to spend an afternoon exploring the nearby towns, taxi rides are cheap and easy to organise . The intense energy of Rishikesh is powerful and moving, though we feel that a quiet space to let new learnings settle will be invaluable. For this reason we selected a venue that offers a refuge and space from the vibrancy of Rishikesh. 

The charming venue has the perfect ‘eco’ feel to it. You are surrounded by the scents of various herbs and flowers, the backdrop of the verdent himalayan hills, the sounds of various birds and insects, and a nearby stream to stimulate all of your senses!

The individual huts are constructed from jungle grass, wood, mud, clay and other natural elements. The venue as a whole has a tranquil, natural, serene feel to it and provides the perfect refuge for self healing and development. The individual hermit styled huts are simple yet spacious and has individual bathrooms. The rooms are equip with bedding, towels, mosquito nets. The water is cold though hot water buckets will be provided. The paths towards your room are surrounded by various himalayan herbs and plants, and you might be able to hear the nearby stream to sing you to sleep. We believe this ‘back to basics’ Eco venue will really serve the spirit of the retreat.

Breakfast will be western and for lunch and dinner you will be served delicious organic Ayurvedic meals. These may be enjoyed outside in the fresh air and you will have the option of having dinner in a sweet little hut with a fire to keep you cosy and mosquito free!


The River Tree Bali Yoga Retreat Yoga Dance Sound Meditation Schedule Focused yoga and meditation class will be offered daily in order to allow you develop mindfulness which will complement the retreat as a whole.

Day 1 and 2: Arrival,, Introductions, Opening One to One Sessions, Breath Meditation

Day 3 and 4: Morning Meditation and Yoga, One to One Sessions, Self Development Workshop

Day 5 and 6: Morning Meditation and Yoga, One to One Sessions, Thoughts Meditation

Day 7: Free Time

Day 8 and 9: Morning Meditation and Yoga, One to One Sessions, Chakra Meditation

Day 10 and 11: Morning Meditation and Yoga, One to One Sessions, ‘Meeting your Edge’ Meditation

Day 12 and 13: Morning Meditation and Yoga, One to One Sessions, Silent Meditation

Day 14: Closing One to One Sessions, Farewells

For this particular retreat, participants will be encouraged to use their free time to work on what has been discussed during the one to one sessions. Each person’s experience will evolve during the course of the two weeks in an individual and unique way. We hope to offer a truly personal experience. *The schedule is subject to minor changes.

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality” ― Mahatma Gandhi



The River Tree Bali Yoga Retreat Yoga Dance Sound Meditation Teacher Jayna Halai
Jayna has been practicing yoga for over 20 years . She enjoys incorporating techniques from different schools of yoga in order to meet the varying needs of students and to keep her classes creative, fresh and interesting. She also shares and develops her experiences through expressive workshops. Jayna is also a fully qualified counsellor with wide experience in this field. She finds satisfaction in offering various ways to encourage people to explore themselves, and in their own unique way to find a path to being true and free.

“Each person’s task in life is to become an increasingly better person.” – Leo Tolstoy



There are two rates:

·         Single Occupancy: £575/person

·         Twin/Double – Shared Occupancy: £500 / person

·         Triple Share – Shared Occupancy: £450 / person*

* We will be happy to help you to find people to share with, but the price is subject to a full triple share.


What's Included

  • Hermit style accommodation
  • Delicious organic Ayurvedic (vegetarian) food
  • Transfer from Rishikesh bus station to the venue
  • Use of yoga mats and blocks if required
  • Two Ayurveda classes
  • A trekking tour to waterfall and a lime stone cave near by
  • A tour to Ganga sangam ( meeting point of two river )
  • A picnic along with the lunch at sangam


What's Not

  • Airfare (we recommend Skyscanner)
  • Travel and Health Insurance
  • Travel from venue to next destination
  • Visa
  • Use therapeutic facilities such as Panch Karma, Ayurveda etc. – very affordable
  • Other tours and activities – rafting, trekking, visiting local sights, wildlife jeep safaris, elephant ride



Special Discounted Rates

It is important for us that cost does not limit anyone from attending the retreat. If you feel you may be eligible for our discounted rate please email us and tell us why. Please however understand that this is at our discretion, and we hope you appreciate that we can only put aside very limited spaces for this option.

Deposit due upon booking: £100. Full payment is due 6 weeks before the start of the retreat. Please take a look at our Book and Cancellation Policy for more information.

Places on this retreat are limited to ensure that participants receive maximum attention throughout the week. We feel that 10 is the right number for quality teaching and support.

With that in mind we suggest you book early to secure a place. A small deposit and some personal information is all we ask to confirm your place.




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