River Tree Yoga Retreats 2014-2015

We have got a truely wonderful year planned for you lovely people should you wish to take part in one of our uniquely designed yoga retreats. Each retreat is exclusive in its own right, and we spend months trying to find the perfect venue to complement the essence of the retreat.

Yoga, Sound, Dance, and Mediation in Bali

Yoga, Dance, Sound and Meditation Retreat is taking place on a peaceful mountain in the north of heavenly Bali. This magical Island is truly special and this is reflected in the smiles of Balinese people – some of the nicest people you will ever encounter. The Balinese have a rich culture full of celebration (and holidays!), and their rituals and traditions are fascinating to observe and learn about. The culture embraces the arts, and similarly this retreat mirrors the depth and creativity that the Bali represents.

Yoga, Dance, Sound, and Meditation retreat aims to be an awareness raiser that offers an opportunity for guests to observe themselves from diverse perspectives. Whilst maintaining a sense of grounding, they will developing ‘observer skills’ that will take them on an awakening journey towards meeting aspects of their true self, and will leave this delightful place with a heightened awareness of walking their own path. The serene, peaceful location that we have carefully chosen will perfectly complement the grounding that we wish for our guests to work from.

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Shanti Retreat in Dharmashala, India

Our retreat near Dharamshala, India is more meditative at its core. Dharamshala is the Indian home town for the Dalai Lama, and it is from here that His Holiness started to spread the word for the Tibetan cause and Buddhism. The Tibetan people here are encouraged to be peaceful and hopeful, and to maintain a non-violence stance despite the continual force acting against them. Although our retreat is not religion based, this background forms the basis forms the foundation of Shanti Retreat.

Surrounded by the Himalayan Range, our carefully selected venue is conveniently located in the village of Dharamkot. The area offers beautiful views of nearing villages, pine woods, and distant mountains. The guest will be guided to find a sense of stillness, peace, and contentedness through yoga and meditation. The yoga will be gentle and meditative, the meditations will be silent and guided, and the food will be simple yet nutritious. The primary aim for Shanti Retreat is self observation, and a slow and mindful pace will be encouraged throughout the course of the week.

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Ganga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Ganga retreat will take place in the beautiful Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh is one of the spiritual centres of the world. Yogis have been practicing here for hundreds of years and the feeling is in the air. The fact that it has an emerald river running through it is just a bonus! It really is the kind of place that stays in your heart for a long time. There are regular ceremonies by the Ganga (or Ganges) and numerous places to reflect whilst watching the Ganga flow by.

The River Tree was a carefully thought out name that represents the importance of letting go and the need for grounding whilst doing so. The Ganga retreat has this flavour to it. The retreat will be yoga and mediation based and will have a more obvious self development feel to it. There will be a lot of time for self reflection over a chai at one of the lovely cafes of Laxman Jula, and time will be set aside for one to one sessions with an experienced counsellor.  This retreat aims to offers delicate support to assist you along your journey. The group will be smaller to ensure quality time is allocated to each person, and additional time will also be offered to those who wish for further support after the end of the retreat.

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Just Yoga Retreat in Thailand 2015

We’re still looking for the perfect venue for this one. We know that it will be special 🙂 This retreat is aimed at the yoga crazies out there! The aim for Just Yoga Retreat is to offer guests the opportunity to experience various styles of yoga for 1-4 weeks. It will be a mixture of Hatha, Iyenger, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. With two classes a day, workshops to refine poses, and healthy meals guests will come to know their body very well. Your muscles will develop flexibility, and your mind will be relaxed. You will leave feeling healthy, fresh and renewed.

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