The River Tree Bali Yoga Retreat Yoga Dance Sound Meditation (39)The River Tree was founded in order to form a platform for people with various skills to come together to offer self-development workshops and classes that suit various needs.

At The River Tree we would like to enable people to grow in a way that is true to their spirit, and by offering experience through various modes we are able to allow our students to branch out and observe themselves from different perspectives. Through meditation we offer grounding, through dance we offer flow, and through yoga we offer the amalgamation of the two.

The River Tree is in its seed form at present, and we welcome professionals from various fields to join us so that The River Tree can grow into its true form and help more people to do the same.

If you are interested sharing articles that you have either written or found, or if you would like us to place your class on our website then we would be happy to do so.

What is important for us is that we help people to discover and move towards their true form. If you are a yoga teacher (experienced or inexperienced), someone who runs or would like to run creative workshops (meditation, dance, sound healing, art etc.), or if you have skills that you think we may be able to incorporate into our vision at The River Tree, you may be able to volunteer at a yoga retreat – get in touch!

We welcome exchange of skills so that we all help each other take positive steps forward.

If any of this is of interest to you, simply send an email and let us see how it evolves…