With so much information on the web it can be as debilitating as empowering on occasions. We all know the feeling of information overload- sometimes you know you should stop looking but its like a weird information extracting mechanism has been activated in you and you feel powerless to stop it!

….well OK that last part might just be me but I thought it may be useful to share and regularly update great articles that I come across and maybe I’ll save some of you the trouble.

Here are a few to start with:


Penetrating Postures: Part 1- The Science of Yoga

Part one of this two part article describes some real science on the benefits of yoga.



Penetrating Postures: Part 2- The Psychology of Yoga


Part two of this article looks at some benefits of yoga and meditation on mental well being.


Eat, Smoke, Meditate: Why Your Brain Cares How You Cope


If you liked the first two articles, you will probably like this too. It looks at why reducing ‘mind wandering’ might increase ones sense of happiness.


‘Yoga: Changing The Brain’s Stressful Habits’ by Alex Korb


A neuroscientist’s experience of yoga.


‘Why Yoga Works’ by Angela Wilson


Angela Wilson briefly summarizes some current studies funded by National Institutes of Health


The Power of Vulnerability


A great Ted Talk by Brene Brown on human connection.


The Significance of 108


Why is the number 108 is considered important?


Listening to Shame


This is a follow up of ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ talk above. Equally good!


Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation

Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation

This is a study demonstrates the benefits of Mindfulness Based Meditation for Brain and Immune Function