The Different Yoga Schools

Many schools of yoga have developed since its benefits/use began to spread further than what was originally only practiced by students who had learnt from well respected Rishis. Naturally, as more people began to discover the benefits and power of yoga they also discovered certain aspects that they found particularly important or useful, and from this slowly developed different schools of yoga.

B.K.S Iyenger’s school offered its students the benefit of using props with a strong focus on alignment, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois popularised Ashtanga Yoga offering his students the alignment of movement and breath, and from this developed Vinyasa Flow which shares the use of movement and breath but uses sequences that are not set as they are in Ashtanga Vinyasa creating a “yogic dance” choreographed by the teacher.


What Yoga Diagram

Which Type of Yoga Should I Do?

Most of the schools of yoga focus on the techniques rather than the result. So in essence most of the yoga schools have a similar outcome just the path is different. The truth is that the best thing to do is to go exploring and to try out a few schools, and there will be one that you connect with and feel the benefits from.

I meet so many people who say that they tried yoga and didn’t like it because it was too easy and doesn’t feel like exercise, or because it was too dynamic and they felt put off going to another class. That is the reason why these different schools have developed! We all have a different idea of what we consider exercise, and what feels good for one person may not for another.

There is a type of yoga out there to suit most needs. Even people who usually stay away from exercise may enjoy restorative yoga, or yoga nidra. There is a lot of evidence across the Net (and soon on this website!) that shows the benefits of yoga, and with the wide range of schools and teachers that we have access to, we can all find a place of contentedness and peace.

Try the fun yoga diagram I found on that I think is a good Introduction to Yoga to help you start out. Enjoy experimenting until you find what’s good for you!