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Dedication is Meditation

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Dedication is Meditation
If you have read Siddharta by Hermann Hesse you may remember Vasudeva the enlightened ferryman. He spent his life shuttling people across the river and got all the answers that he needed from this one river. Some of us may know people who exude a similar sense of peace and have a unique ability to casually drop the most apt comment at the most appropriate time.
People who possess such characteristics are neither always practiced meditators nor are they expert yoga practitioners. I know of an Ayurvedic doctor who is highly intuitive in his field and maintains a quiet dignity […]

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Dear Inner Guide

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As you may remember, I was a teenager when I first started to practice yoga and my continued practice was more to do with weight management than for anything else. I remember you trying to tell me that body image isn’t as important as I seemed to believe at the time, but I wasn’t ready to listen. Thank you for being persistent!

As time went on my focus shifted more towards practicing with a patient, peaceful mind and I realise now that that was you at work. As my practice developed, I realised that thoughts such as, “I won’t try […]

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10 3/4 Yoga Voices in Your Head

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Here is a list of the interesting characters that are visitors to Yogi heads. A few have even grown accompanying images in my mind, and I would love to share them if my brain to hand connection was significantly better! At times these characters align with a natural flow and at others they are inharmonious. In describing a few I invite readers to acknowledge where they may stand day to day, and to ask themselves whether it complements or blocks the direction in which they wish to be journeying.
Please however take each with a pinch of Bombay Mix, a […]

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Yoga – With or Without Music?

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Music has an immense power to take us through many emotional states. A substantial field of interesting research can be found about the numerous effects of music, and it’s only naturally that it would have an impact on yoga practice.

When I have participated in classes that incorporate music as part of the lesson, I have found it to be a distraction. I would notice that I was relating to the music instead of to my body – which to me at the time was not ‘doing yoga’. I would notice that I was paying less attention to my breath, […]

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Chocolate Meditation

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Take a piece of chocolate – Fairtrade and paper wrapper where possible.

Hold it – Take a small piece. Notice the weight, and any urges to eat it (!)

Look at it – Be curious about it. Notice the detail. Where is it darker/lighter? Notice folds/ridges/texture/colour, and any urges to eat it.

Touch it – What is the texture? How does it feel in the other hand? Notice any urges to eat it.

Smell it – Close your eyes and hold it under your nose. Does it have a scent? Any urges to eat it?!

The act of placing it in your mouth – […]

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The Dance of the Chakras: Chakra Beats

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The Dance of the Chakras: Chakra Beats
I have never trained in any form of classical dance. When I was younger I used to dream of studying Kathak, which is an Indian classical dance, and remember quietening a voice in my mind because I knew my family weren’t really able to afford classes, particularly as there weren’t any in close enough proximity to where I lived. Later on I remember wishing that I had learnt. As far back as I can remember there has been something in me that was drawn towards dance, something in me that encouraged me to […]

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Using Chakras For Self Development

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As an Integrative Counsellor I have been trained in various theories ranging from Psychoanalysis to Transpersonal Psychotherapy. I see myself as possessing a mental tool box of theories that I work with and which allows a space for an intuitive way of counselling that can be moulded specifically for each person that I work with. Alongside this, I am a developing yoga practitioner have a curiosity around eastern philosophies, and have found that as my knowledge and understanding around them develop, so does the potential for its application to counselling work.

Chakra Theory is one particular branch that I would […]

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Yoga, Beauty and Race

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I wrote this straight after a meditation that was supposed to calm me down – it didn’t. During meditation I found myself getting absorbed by my very active and confused brain. Admittedly, I am a little menstrual at the moment so some of the charge must be attributed to that. I often find that some of my more significant realisations come after similarly intense feelings, and I suspect the same here.

I came across a seemingly innocent website that offers yoga classes, retreats, teacher trainings etc. The images that I encountered came out of my screen and stirred a cauldron […]

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Inside Poses – Intense Side Stretch or Pyramid Pose

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Parsvottanasana or Intense Side Stretch Pose
You’ll either LOVE this or will love the journey towards finding comfort in it. The back of your front leg will get a deep stretch all the way down your hamstrings and your calf muscles. When looking for ease in this pose you will strengthen your leg muscles and will also notice improvement in pelvic flexibility. You get the benefits of Inversions which amongst many include helping your circulation and giving space to your disks. As the head is below your heart, this pose will oxygenate the brain improving alertness and circulation.

This beautiful image […]

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Inside Poses – Standing Forward Bend

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This beautiful image was shared with permission of a talented illustrator Anne Manda
Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana is a gem of a pose to help to awaken your hamstrings and calf muscles. It also helps with flexibility of the pelvis and space for the spine. As it is an inversion, it helps with circulation and gives your discs a breather from the usual pressure of gravity. As well as this the increased blood flow to the head oxygenates the brain which has many benefits including improved alertness and better circulation.

Uttanasana is part of the sun saluatation sequence which is a […]