xJust-Be-930x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.YJMb2a6rxL“Yoga Body”: The Conspiracy BY DANIELLE PROHOM OLSON

I found this great blogger that I would like to share with you all. I browsed through a few of the articles and was left reflecting about this one- ‘Yoga Body’: The Conspiracy.

It is an article in response to Kathryn Budig’s “Stop Judging and Read” in the Huffington Post. It is worth reading both for a balanced view.

Danielle writes that advertising “yoga bodies” like Briohny Kate-Smyth in the Equinox video and Kathryn Budig in the Toe Sox advert gives the wrong impression of the benefits that yoga offers, and is unhelpful for the many women with issues with confidence and self-image.

After reading both articles, I found myself thinking “you are who you are” and the important thing is to try and accept that. You may have a “yoga body” as shown in yoga ads or you may have a different yoga body. What matters I think is that we all try to stay aware and try not to put ourselves down because we don’t look like what the media has decided is the successful body. That includes those who have the media defined yoga body…you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or pressured about that either.

For me what is important is to make sure that we don’t contribute to media stereotypes by putting ourselves down when we don’t match them.

What are your views?