Informative, Interesting, Thought Provoking


I was thinking for a while about what my first blog should be about. I knew that it should be informative, interesting and thought provoking but was unsure about where to start.

My thought process went something like this…

If I write about the science, I express the impression that ‘there is evidence that yoga is good for you- it’s proven!’ we like that nowadays don’t we? ‘Science has proven that daily stretching improves health and increases life expectancy’ (I made that up, but it’s probably true!). I felt slightly uneasy about forming a foundation around this impression; after all I’m not sure I believe that something has to be proven before we trust its benefits.

I’ve been to many weird and wonderful workshops because sometimes it just felt right. Many of these were not based on hard evidence on its benefits, but these things can often be good for us without clearly understanding why. The truth is there may be an explanation, but I think I prefer going with the feeling, acting on it, and then trying to understand what’s happening along the way. Feels better that way…

Then I thought ‘follow your feelings!’- God how does that sound?! I wondered what kind of impression that would leave- ‘airy fairy’, ‘new age hippy’. Anyway, for whatever reason I didn’t want to set that impression either. Like my fellow workshop goers, I have experienced some of the benefits that come from yoga, dance, meditations, and other creative workshops but somehow, I felt apprehensive about talking about them too.

So, instead of something informative, interesting and thought provoking; I present you….

Just Thought Provoking

The voices in our heads happen faster than we can understand, with both our conscious and unconscious minds at play sometimes we have no idea why we are who we are. The voices of our families, our friends, our society, our history- we are forever calculating the impression we give off and leave, acting in ways that are expected of us, and being left with a feeling that something isn’t right.

One should wonder what remains when we can lower the volume of these voices. I get an image of light freeing its way through darkness to show its true form.