chocolate candles

Take a piece of chocolate – Fairtrade and paper wrapper where possible.

  1. Hold it – Take a small piece. Notice the weight, and any urges to eat it (!)

  2. Look at it – Be curious about it. Notice the detail. Where is it darker/lighter? Notice folds/ridges/texture/colour, and any urges to eat it.

  3. Touch it – What is the texture? How does it feel in the other hand? Notice any urges to eat it.

  4. Smell it – Close your eyes and hold it under your nose. Does it have a scent? Any urges to eat it?!

  5. The act of placing it in your mouth – Notice what happens to your hand and arm as you take it to your mouth. Before putting it in your mouth notice what your tongue does to receive it. Notice any thoughts and sensations.

  6. Place it – Without yet chewing it, place it on your tongue. Explore any thoughts and sensations.

  7. Chew it without swallowing – Notice any sensations. Notice the different flavours. Notice the texture. Notice when you would like to swallow it.

  8. Swallowing it – What does your tongue do to prepare to swallow it? Let it trickle down your throat and try to sense it moving towards your stomach.

  9. After effects – Is there an after taste or any after thoughts? What does the absence of it feel like? Do you notice anything else?


Inspired by Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman