Namaste and Welcome!


At The River Tree we offer Yoga, Workshops, and Retreats across the world. We use yoga as the foundation for understanding the self but believe that a diverse practice supports our ability to listen to our body and that the benefits of yoga are intensified when taught in conjunction with other creative workshops. So we also offer a range of classes including dance and movement, sound healing, as well as other meditations and workshops.

It is important to us that our classes are inviting to both new and experienced students. In order to invite new students we regularly offer free workshops so that people can try before they buy! We also hope that this will encourage people to restart their practice if they have had classes in the past but haven’t attended one in a while.

We aim to point you in a good direction wherever you are in the world by sharing our knowledge of good teachers, schools, studios, and other useful information that we have found. Watch this space or sign up for our newsletter so that you can be kept up to date about any new workshops and discoveries!