Discover. Explore. Be Free.

In many parts of the world today we are losing the value that for centuries our ancestors have found in rituals and ceremonies. In our busy lives we don’t have enough time for self reflection causing many of our conflicts to remain unresolved. We all recognise the inner voice which gives us a clear sense of what to do in a particular situation, but somehow as we go through life quietening it day by day and soon find ourselves in a situation that was not our creation, and doesn’t feel like the life we are supposed to be living. A few simple decisions we had once made often end up shaping our lives in a way that we had not anticipated and we find ourselves stuck in a trap of our own creation.

At The River Tree we create a space for people to discover and explore within. Expression, creativity, and patience are central during the journey and through our range of workshops including yoga, dance, music, and meditation the participants soon learn to hear the voice informed by our inner guide. By widening our experience and awareness, and making new and different choices we can learn to live a life of contentedness, fulfilment and appreciate its flow.

Available to All

The benefits of yoga should be accessible to everyone, but cost is a barrier to many people. We offer discounted rates for our classes and retreats for local residents, and all of our retreats have a few spaces available for people with financial difficulties. You can find more on the pricing pages.


Our goal is always to our students the knowledge and understanding they need to confidently and safely practice yoga at home, removing the barriers of cost and time restrictions from the pursuit of daily practice.


Yoga is not about being the best, or ‘bendiest’. It’s not about trying to be as flexible as your neighbour, or your teacher. It’s certainly not about your teacher showing off their abilities. Yoga is personal, individual. It’s a journey of self that can be aided by the right guidance and a supporting environment. It is not about trying to appear modest, loving,or humble, but about discovering these traits within you and being them. This journey begins with respect. Respect for self. Respect for teacher. and Respect for the class.


True yoga is more than stretching, it’s about more than fitness, body shape and clear skin. Those may well be some nice benefits, but the true value of yoga is found in the growth of self. This is what the masters taught us, and this is how we approach our practice. That’s not to say we should swallow everything that we read or are told about yoga – it is not a religion after all. The important thing is to value the growth of the mind and soul through the development of the body, and not to simply worship the body.