Please find below a list of teachers that we draw on for our retreats and teacher training’s. We have between 2-4 teachers per event each offering their unique skills and energy. Our growing team enables us to make each retreat a truly special experience. 


20121012Mambal Rice Fields003 280 x 320Jayna Halai – The River Tree Founder

Jayna first started practising yoga when she was 15 and has since developed her practice through a journey that took her to an outstanding school of yoga in the sacred Rishikesh, India- the birth place of yoga. She considers herself a lifelong student, continuing to deepen her knowledge and practice. She incorporates her training as an Integretive Counsellor encouraging her students to discover their inner voice in order develop their practice and to extend the benefits of yoga into other aspects of their life. Together with her students she enjoys unravelling the mysteries and new insights that yoga brings outside of asana practice.

Her classes draw on many different approaches ranging from a yin style gentle but prolonged stretching to a more dynamic Vinyasa style, offering the students the benefits of various schools of thought. She emphasizes the value of paying close attention to the breath so that students see through their own experience that a slow, steady and controlled breath provides the energy that one needs during practice, brings the body to relax which allows for flexibility, and gives the benefits that stillness and meditation offer us in our otherwise busy and preoccupied lives. Physical safety is foremost in her mind and through teaching people to truly connect to their bodies, Jayna teaches her students to be safe in their practice as well as motivating her students to feel confident to practice on their own. Jayna guides the student to discover their body’s true ability by offering gentle hands on assistance.



Caroline – Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator

Caroline has been practicing yoga since 2005. She spent 13 years working at the European Medicines Agency and Regulatory Pharmaceutical Affairs before becoming a yoga teacher.  She completed her training at Hata Isha Yoga School during a 5 months intensive. Her experience includes kriyas, meditation, pranayama, mantra, anatomy, and physiology.

Her goal is to share unique yoga tools for life and bring well-being to others as well as allow them to explore their potential. Her intensive training led her life to another level. The level of inner peace and simple joy that she now experiences in her daily life is as never before. Her aim is to share this beautiful yoga in such a way that enables self-practice and an ability to make it a part of daily life bringing a sense of well-being. She particular looks forward to sharing her teaching during retreats due to the intensity and quality that retreats offer.


Natalia małe

Natalia – Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, and Psychologist

Natalia began her self-development journey and exploration of knowledge about emotions and the mysteries of the human mind during her five year master’s degree in Psychology Studies. She took a keen interested in eastern philosophy and continued on her path, deepening her knowledge through many courses throughout Asia. She discovered Reiki energy and soon decided to learn to become a Reiki Healer. After visiting several countries and meeting various people she gradually developed her knowledge and confidence and decided to become also a Yoga Teacher. Having explored different styles yoga she chose to study Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh. 

As a teacher, she focuses on smooth transitions and the importance of observing the breath. She gradually guides her students to discover that their breath is the first step in observing the workings of the mind – the ultimate goal of Yoga. Natalia is fascinated with western psychology and its potential to connect with eastern philosophy. She combines all her knowledge and skills and usea holistic approach to health and well-being and ultimately a path towards happiness and fulfillment.


Ignacio małe

Ignacio – Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist and Shiatsu Practitioner

As long as he can remember, Ignacio has always been interested in a wide range of subjects including arts, science, medicine, psychology and technology. After completing a master’s degree in architecture and working in Spain, Ireland and Germany he realized that professional development was not enough to achieve happiness. He decided to travel through Asia in a trip that eventually led to a path of self-discovery.

During this journey he connected to various eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Yoga and decided to dedicated himself to the study and practice of Yoga. He studied Traditional Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh and has since continued to study different approaches in order to improve both his teaching and personal practice. He also studied Reflexology and Shiatsu in Thailand and found a deep relationship between traditional acupressure and meridian theories, and the ‘subtle body’ in Yoga.

Ignacio combines this knowledge in his practice, working with specific poses to improve energy circulation within the body. Due to some knee issues he had due to bad practice at the beginning of his practice, he places particular emphasis on alignment in order to avoid injuries. Convinced that happiness is already within ourselves, he keeps studying to understand the human mind and what moves us in this life.



Lidia – Yoga Teacher

Lidia’s life is all about travel and sharing yoga knowledge. She is originally from Russia, though left to go on a spiritual journey in 2005. This ongoing journey started in India and helped to open her mind and heart. She has lived in various ashrams and has tried different yoga teachings from many yoga teachers. She took part in a 900 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program from the Yoga Institute in the oldest organized yoga center in the world in Mumbai, India. She received lots of knowledge about Yoga therapy and feels inspired to share this knowledge with people. She discovered many ways in which yoga can help people with physical and mental issue and to help guide them towards a better life.

Sharing knowledge of yoga is her life path that makes her feel complete. Her classes are conducted with joy and happiness, with slow movements, dancing, and sometimes singing! She helps her students to pay close attention to breath and body sensations, creating an awareness of every single moment of practice. She believes this knowledge and practice leads us to a spiritual journey of connecting with the true self.



Tari – Yoga Teacher

Tari worked in the advertising industry for over 8 years and in 2012 decided to focus on a different path – teaching yoga. Her first encounter with Hatha yoga was in 2005, and it simply touched her heart. Since then Tari continued to practice yoga in her daily life.Tari’s brings ease and confidence to her students through her patient and easy-going nature. Her classes offer a perfect harmony of fun and tranquility. She received RYT 200-hours certificate from Rishikesh YogPeeth,India in November 2011. She has also attended various workshops from senior teachers such as Duncan Wong (Yogic Arts-USA), Olop Arpipi (Bali), David Swenson (USA) and recently, Heather ‘Radha’ Duplex and Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi (Ashtanga World Bali).

Tari is dedicated to share classes that are accessible to all. She patiently guides her students to connect their breath with their body. By being attentive to her students’ needs Tari creates a class that blends ease with challenge so that everyone feels great at the end of the class. She feels grateful to be able to share a positive connection with her students and encourages them to move cautiously and mindfully into various postures, offering hands-on adjustments where needed. She is currently learning Ashtanga yoga primary series as part of her yoga journey.